# Focus! Do one important thing at a time. #permanentnote ## Source - [[book - Why Simple Wins - Escape the Complexity Trap and Get to Work That Matters]] - [[book - good strategy bad strategy]] ## Keywords (topics and howto) - [[topic - simplification]] - [[topic - personal efficiency]] - [[topic - leading and managing]] - [[topic - mentoring, advising and coaching]] - [[how to be a better leader]] - one important initiative at a time - [[how to make better decisions]] - [[how to do one to one]] is a focus on a person for a set of time ## Relevant notes - [[zt - slow it down]] and take the time - [[zt - be client focus]] - [[zt - get to that is right]] you know what needs to happen next - [[zt - the concept of strategy]] is all about focus on that single most impactful action - [[zt - impact based decision making]] ## Notes - It is better to focus on one thing at a time and finish/publish/deliver it than do many things and never finish anything. - I am terrible at focusing on one thing!