# Welcome to my Digital Garden ## Welcome Hello and welcome, I am [[About me - index|Frank Contrepois]], and this is my Digital Garden, where I learn in public. This is where I store or index new learning and discoveries, connecting them with my current knowledge. ![[42938004_s.jpg]] [[You should have a digital garden]] ![[Latest articles created or updated]] # How to navigate a brain As a real brain, there are two sides to it: the left side, also known as the [[Left side of the brain index|digital-brain]], is very logical and structured, and the right side, the [[Right side of the brain index|creative-brain]], filled ideas, lessons learned, and mental models. Another way to navigate my brain is to pick a topic or a how-to. A topic is an area of interest, and a how-to is one or more notes that tackle a specific area of improvement. ## Topics - [[topic - forecasting]] - [[topic - finops]] - [[topic - sport]] - [[topic - simplification]] - [[topic - role playing games]] - [[topic - politics and power]] - [[topic - personal efficiency]] - [[topic - negotiation and sales]] - [[topic - my core beliefs]] - [[topic - mentoring, advising and coaching]] - [[topic - live a great life]] - [[topic - mental models]] - [[topic - learning]] - [[topic - learning to learn]] - [[topic - leading and managing]] - [[topic - innovation]] - [[topic - information management]] - [[topic - having a great relationship]] - [[topic - communicate effectively]] ## How to ### Never stop improving - [[how to be a better self]] ### Close to my heart - [[how to be a better father]] ### Working with others - [[how to have a long-term relationship]] - [[how to be a better leader]] - [[how to be a better advisor]] - [[how to build a team]] - [[how to do better meetings]] - [[how to build trust]] - [[how to be a better communicator]] - [[how to do one to one]] ### Personal efficiency - [[how to implement gtd]] - [[how to remember numbers]] - [[how to remember things]] - [[how to be a better reader]] - [[how to have more possibilities]] - [[how to get stuff done well]] - [[how to make better decisions]] - [[how to be creative]] - [[how to avoid common biases (brain shortcuts)]] - [[how to recognise complexity]] - [[how to recognise simplicity]] ### Convincing others - [[how to be a better negotiator]] - [[how to be a better writer]] - [[how to be a better seller]] - [[how to be a better notetaker]] ![[Keep updated]] # Details on the project You can see it as a Wikipedia of my brain or a second brain, where I can get back to my thoughts and be surprised by how concepts connect one to another. The rules of the game are described in the [[Digital Garden Terms of Service]] This is a bird's eye view of all the notes. The [[Left side of the brain index|left side]] is about logic and technology. The [[Right side of the brain index|right side]] is about being better and sharing my knowledge. ![[Brain Graph v2.png]] ![[Announcements]] ## Disclaimer I prioritise getting data in the system over making it perfect. So please excuse typos, grammar, and other mistakes - there are many. # Thank you This project is made possible thanks to [Obsidian](https://obsidian.md) and [Obsidian Publish](https://obsidian.md/publish). I'd like to also thank [Sho Umi](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC525q2RIufHjnaHOuIUFY9A) for providing an excellent intro to the [Zettelkasten](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rOSZOCoqOo8). And last, and by far the most important [[Rich Miller]] for starting it all :)